OneUP Project

Your participation will help to reduce drowning deaths in the world

You can join our project participating in our different rounds. Doing your bit, you will help us to achieve our precious goal: to create a global aquatic rescue network of citizens with OneUP.

The peculiarity of this project is that we have used the blockchain technology to develop it, since thanks to its characteristics, it allows to guarantee the viability and scalability of entrepreneurships like this one.

How can I participate in the project and get benefits?

OneUP is a commercial bet. Buying OneUP Tokens, the participants will have the right to receive part of the benefits obtained in the global sale of the product. For this, we have developed and additional benefits plan that will be applied depending on the round. The private pre-sale round will have a 100% bonus.

participation process

Our Partners

We are supported by great entities

OneUP bets on humanity and progress

Our main goal is to create a global rescue network of citizens. In this way,OneUP seeks to help, in the best possible way, in the development andsocial welfare. Initiatives such as OneUP not only show the commitment ofthe people who is behind this project, but also reach out to futurecompanies that want to actively support humanitarian causes.Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Be part of ourrescue network and fight to reduce the statistics.

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