We are a small team of water-loving individuals. We have strong experience in water activities and sports. More importantly, we have strong experience in business, production, and manufacturing.

Since our company’s creation in 2015, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with world-wide organizations (like the Red Cross) and collected early innovation awards.

Our main goal is to spread awareness and education the world on the importance and severity of water safety. About 42 people worldwide drown every hour. We want to reduce that number.

We’ve decided to crowdfund for a few key reasons:

We want to spread our message and awareness as quickly as possible. Selling OneUp first on a globally recognized platform is a major step in reducing the number of drownings.

We want to get OneUp in your hands as quickly as possible for as low a price as possible. Crowdfunding allows us to do that.

Finally, Crowdfunding is all about you, the audience. Through crowdfunding, we’re able to communicate with you directly, understand your needs from this product, and get your feedback on OneUp.

We can’t wait to get this product out there. Please join our waitlist, and help us in our cause.

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